Con on the Cob 2016 Jeff Carlisle Interview

While at Con on the Cob we had the pleasure of talking with Jeff Carlisle. Jeff is a famous artist who has worked on pieces for Doctor Who, Star Wars, Felicia Day, and Star Trek. We delve into how he got started and his journey on working on such projects. To see more of his work check out the links below!
Jeff Carlisle Website:
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Dice Squad Episode 53 Pests!

While at the GHD Convention we sit down with Michael McFarland and Todd Jakubisin! We had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Michael at Con on the Cob 2016! This time Michael and Todd show us Pests a game about eliminating unwanted intruders! Their kickstarter for this game goes live February 21st at 10am! To donate to their kickstarter follow the links below! As always be sure to like, comment, and subscribe!

Pests Kickstarter:

Pests Facebook Page:

Origins Game Fair 2016 Timothy Zahn Interview

While journeying through the vast jungle of Origins Game Fair 2016, the General and I found and were able to sit down with the legendary author himself, Timothy Zahn!! Mr. Zahn is responsible for such awesome books like Star Wars: Heir to the Empire, Star Wars Scoundrels and his new book to come out this fall StarCraft Evolution! To check out Timothy Zahn and his other works check out the links below! Be sure to like comment and subscribe!

Timothy Zahn’s Facebook:

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