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Dice Squad is Coming Back 2021

Hello Dice Squad fans it has been awhile! 2020 was definitely a difficult year for all of us. While we have had the show on hold since this whole pandemic started, we have not lost the squad but instead hunkered down and prepared for our return. While I can say no new episodes yet, preparations are under way for Dice Squad’s return. Please stay safe and remember Dice Squad has got your back!

Dice Squad Episode 54 Too Many Cinderellas

Watch as we talk about the game Too Many Cinderellas by Grail Games! This was one of the last games we reviewed while at the Ground Hog Day Gaming Retreat 2017. To check out all the awesome coverage of the Ground Hog Day Gaming Retreat 2017, follow the link below! Be sure to like, comment, and subcribe!

Ground Hog Day Gaming Retreat 2017 Playlist: